Who we are ?

Our history

2018 : Creation

Hard Corner was born from the meeting between an ingenious technician and an entrepreneur with a business-developer profile. !

The starting point is the observation that all the artisans, cabinetmakers, carpenters, metallurgists, glassmakers, developers and even all handymen work with trestles that had never advanced. All that existed on the market had almost the same characteristics.

And the same drawbacks : heavy, unstable for use, not always very stable ...

"We have thought about the desirable and possible improvements and have succeeded in designing an innovative, solid trestle, and useful for professionals ", tells Benoit Dargaud, co-founder.

200 prototypes are manufactured and distributed to professionals to test the quality, fonctionnalities, practicality ...

"When we wanted to get back the trestles HardCorner, our testers did not want to get us back ! We realized then that we had our innovative trestle ! », continues Benoit.

The company is founded and became Laureate Entrepreneurship Network Isere, an aid organization for entrepreneurship

Since then, the company has been structured, the product has been patented several times, the production capacities increased and large-scale marketing initiated.

Benoit Dargaud, co-founder

"I have a strong training in cabinetmaker but I am above all an entrepreneur. After my training I created a first business (BC Joinery) in 2013 which employs fifteen person today.

What counts above all for me is the human and relationships within the company. I only hires young, to prove to the market that age should not be an obstacle. I wish first of all to offer them a human adventure, a working environment based on trust, sharing and collective experience : this is important because I spend more time with them than with my own family !

Hard Corner is a logical continuation resulting from my desire to improve working conditions. This trestle has a huge potential and users are gaining comfort and time. »

////// Benoit Dargaud

September 2020 : Redemption

End 2020, Hard Corner is bought by Mathieu PARIS. As CEO of several other companies, mainly concentrated in industrial sectors (foundries, boilermaking, handling chains…), the takeover of Hard Corner now focuses on its commercial development as well as on several innovations.

New actions are implemented – while keeping the Hard Corner concept – thanks to a complete restructuring of the product and service range.



Our values

La bvigilance

Because it gives meaning to adventure, it's effective and it's good.

L’innovation :

In Hard Corner we always try to get off the beaten track in our products but also in our methods, in the way we work, in our trade relations ...

The freliability :

In other words, confidence, whether in the material or in men.

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