Complete Pack HardCorner, the trestle and all accessories

279,00 Excl Tax / 334,80 Incl Tax

Use : On site and workshop

Benefits : A sturdy trestle, ergonomic and modular.

Guarantee : 3 years**

You command, you receive 2 trestles HardCorner ready and all accessories : 2 Felt tablets, 2 gum tablets, 1 removable tablet, 8 protective tips, 1 carrying bag.

The robust and modular trestle designed by pros which truly help you in your job !

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* on flat ground with a distributed load
** normal use

The trestle is a must for a craftsman, and if it is not on top it quickly becomes penalizing : too heavy increases fatigue, is not handled. Awkward, it ends up dangling, become unstable. Static, it takes up space without bringing more.

Brut, metal or wood, it is rarely expected to take care of what he supports. In short : it is necessary, but never optimized ! As artisans we imagined a trestle that can meet our constraints and become a real assistant.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 77 × 46 × 82 cm

solid wood and panels

Admissible load / pair

5 tons *


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