The POS (advertising on Point Of Sale) is an indispensable support in particular for innovative products. To help users better understand the potential of
trestles HardCorner, information carriers are deployed on points




Why POS ?




  • First, because the boards HardCorner
    can be used in different ways because of their range
    of accessories. We must therefore show all the features and, to do
    simple and efficient, nothing better than a good POS.
  • Secondly, because the proposed innovations
    more obvious with sound and images : the demo video
    visible on POS is very impacting and everyone realizes easier
    the benefits it will gain by using a trestle HardCorner.
  • Finally, because the accessories must be
    visible and highlighted for future users take in hand,
    and can handle them.



The POS is thus presented with a screen that broadcasts in loop a video demonstration and 4 shelves that have accessories, « Great Care Work », « Material protection », « Flooring protection », « Ergonomic assistant ». In a few weeks we will add the module " Varnish assistant ».




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