The concept


If you too are tired of too heavy trestles, unstable and dangling, the Hard Corner is made for you.


More than a trestle, it's your assistant on site or in workshop : it saves
you time (it is light and manipulated with one hand), helps you (with its range
of accessories) and adds value to your work (Thanks to it's design).

  • Robust : you can count on him, it remains stable.
  • Ergonomic : you're going to handle it effortlessly, it means less tired at the end of the day !
  • Modular : The accessories are suitable to your profession.


////// In short : we have imagined for us, we have tested it on many sites, and now we share !


It was a priority : We work better with stable trestles, and if in addition they support heavy loads, it won !
With our patented "corner" Hard Corner gains in strength and stability without gaining weight.

We did a test at farmer's friend with the order to find the breaking point, without success. The official test carried out by APAVE surprised our interlocutor : a Hard Corner trestle withstood 4 tons of pressure of is hydraulic cylinder.

The figures speak for themselves : a Hard Corner trestle supports 4 012 kg pressure for a unit weight of 3,2 kg ! Its resistance to use is such that our trestles offer guarantee 3 years, we can also guarantee charge 5 tons / pair (under normal use).


the trestle hard corner is ergonomic

On a building site, time is quickly wasted and therefore, efficiency too..

We have designed the Hard Corner trestles to help you work comfortably, they are practical, easy to handle.

This is why the Hard Corner trestles :

  • can be carried and opened with one hand !
  • stand up even closed !
  • can be used alone as a mini-established through the home tablet thanks to its large tablet !
  • are light : a trestle weighs approximately : 4 kg !


From the moment your trestles are on site, as they serve really not ?

Why not do a real job support adapted ?

So we created the necessary accessories to transform the Hard Corner trestles into real practical workstations., that can be adjust to the needs of the moment.

It is functional, it's effective, and useful !
Whether in the workshop or on site, with solutions HardCorner, whatever the task and the environment, you will find always a suitable module to facilitate your work !


Our removable accessories

“Great Care Work” : Felt backing

“Material protection” : Rubber support

“Ergonomic assistant” : Mini workbench, 2 positions

“Carrying bag” : To store all your accessories



Hard Corner EVO 1

Uses : on site and workshop.

Benefits : a sturdy trestle, ergonomic and modular.

51 € Excl Tax

Accessory : Great Care Work

Uses : protection parts (melamine, corian, plating, varnished parts ...).

Benefits : reducing scratches, chips and marks on brittle parts.

20 € Excl Tax

Accessory : Ergonomic assistant

Uses : modulates his workspace as needed.

Benefits : 2 positions, supports up 5 kg, limits lost parts, tools ...

20 € Excl Tax

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