Both hardware store : Setin (35 shops) and Trénois Decamps (52 shops) referenced since September 2019 Hard Corner trestles at all of their physical and online points of sale.

Professionals who wish to equip themselves now have easy access !

“This is a great opportunity for our products, Benoit confirms Dargaud, co-creator of trestles HardCorner, firstly because being referenced by these major distributors reinforces the quality of our trestles, secondly because more professionals will be able to obtain them and thus gain in efficiency and working comfort !”

Robust, ergonomic, modular, trestles bring a real plus to users. “We were seduced by the innovative dimension of a product used every day but which ultimately had never changed much” Frédéric Picard testifies, Purchasing Director of the Setin Group.

What we are also interested by it is the modularity : Being able to increase the functionality of a trestle with the help of specific accessories while keeping the handy side is a plus for our professional customers who handle them every day. »

The two distributors, strong of their 87 cumulative points of sale to which are added online sales catalogs, are currently testing the market. And the first returns are more than encouraging !

Hard Corner trestles ? I want some !

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