Hard Corner investit 15 000 euros in its POS

Hard Corner investit 15 000 euros in its POS

The POS (advertising on Point Of Sale) is an indispensable support in particular for innovative products. To help users better understand the potential of
trestles HardCorner, information carriers are deployed on points




Why POS ?




  • First, because the boards HardCorner
    can be used in different ways because of their range
    of accessories. We must therefore show all the features and, to do
    simple and efficient, nothing better than a good POS.
  • Secondly, because the proposed innovations
    more obvious with sound and images : the demo video
    visible on POS is very impacting and everyone realizes easier
    the benefits it will gain by using a trestle HardCorner.
  • Finally, because the accessories must be
    visible and highlighted for future users take in hand,
    and can handle them.



The POS is thus presented with a screen that broadcasts in loop a video demonstration and 4 shelves that have accessories, « Great Care Work », « Material protection », « Flooring protection », « Ergonomic assistant ». In a few weeks we will add the module " Varnish assistant ».




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It is done : Setin and Trenois choose to reference the Hard Corner trestles !

It is done : Setin and Trenois choose to reference the Hard Corner trestles !

Both hardware store : Setin (35 shops) and Trénois Decamps (52 shops) referenced since September 2019 Hard Corner trestles at all of their physical and online points of sale.

Professionals who wish to equip themselves now have easy access !

“This is a great opportunity for our products, Benoit confirms Dargaud, co-creator of trestles HardCorner, firstly because being referenced by these major distributors reinforces the quality of our trestles, secondly because more professionals will be able to obtain them and thus gain in efficiency and working comfort !”

Robust, ergonomic, modular, trestles bring a real plus to users. “We were seduced by the innovative dimension of a product used every day but which ultimately had never changed much” Frédéric Picard testifies, Purchasing Director of the Setin Group.

What we are also interested by it is the modularity : Being able to increase the functionality of a trestle with the help of specific accessories while keeping the handy side is a plus for our professional customers who handle them every day. »

The two distributors, strong of their 87 cumulative points of sale to which are added online sales catalogs, are currently testing the market. And the first returns are more than encouraging !

Hard Corner trestles ? I want some !

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Hard Corner online

Hard Corner online

To support its growth, Hard Corner launches its new website. More modern, more complete, more efficient, it aims to develop the reputation of HardCorner trestles and facilitate their acquisition !

A complete website

Demonstration videos, Data on the boards, information and news, tips and tricks to optimize the use of trestles ... you will find on the new site everything you need to equip yourself with trestles HardCorner.

Online sales

It will be possible to find on the site the point of sale nearest to you and to reserve an article. If the distance is too large or you prefer to order online, it will also be possible via the merchant interface. Finally, all accessories will be available in catalog.

A community of users

The trestles HardCorner are not common trestles. They change the way of working so much that thy impose new codes. So that everyone can enjoy, we will complete the new site by creating a community of users via social networks : the opportunity to share the tricks devised by each and to inform you about upcoming accessories !