Hard Corner, the trestle that takes care of pros.

The sale of trestles is temporarily slowed down,

this is due to the difficulties

wood supply.

Thank you for your understanding…



"We designed a robust and scalable trestle that it really helps us in our business !»

Benoit, Remy and Sylvain, co-founder of Hard Corner


It was a priority ! We wanted a strong and stable trestle. First to withstand heavy loads, then for not being dangling by being manipulated.


On a building site, time is quickly wasted and therefore, efficiency too.. We have designed the Hard Corner trestles to help you work comfortably.


The trestle, from the moment he is on site, It must really serve. Why not make it a true work support, mini set ?



The mechanical trades

Home Mechanic, mechanic workshop,


The Hard Corner concept fully meets the specificities of the mechanical trades.

The materials protection unit prevents slipping of parts and aid in handling.

The ergonomic assistant brings modularity to the workspace and storage solution for tools (and small pieces that are usually lost !).

Great Care Work Module carefully preserves the integrity of mechanical parts.

Finally, do not forget the maintenance of heavy elements thanks to the high load capacity trestles Hard Corner : 5 tonnes for a pair !

Wood crafts : carpentry…

Parquet installer, carpenter, designer,
Kitchen installer, Manufacturer of stairs, cabinetmaker, varnishing …


The Hard Corner trestle makes the daily life of woodworking professionals easier.

It allows work on small parts and heavy parts (beams, panels…).

Handling is facilitated, the machining is precise and the assembly of parts secure thanks to the absence of oscillation and the stability of the Hard Corner trestles.

The integrity of materials is assured thanks to great care work unit (anti-scratch).

Material protection module (non-skid) holds the workpiece in place, without sliding, for easy work.

The ergonomic assistant Module keeps your tools handy and reduces unnecessary movements.

The trades of metal and glass

Glazier, aluminium, locksmith, plumber


The metal and glass trades have constraints that the Hard Corner trestle helps overcome.

Mounting frame for example is easy thanks to the overall stability of the concept HARD CORNER and the anti-slip function of materials Protection Module.

This module, shockproof, is also suitable for all work on fine fields (metal, glass).

Great Care Labor module allows the handling of mirrors and protection lacquers and aluminums anodizing. So, you work in peace !





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